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Digital marketing that drives rapid growth, delivers powerful results, & disrupts the market.


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Efficient Growth

Deliberately growing and effectively scaling your business for success is extremely important to us. Know that your account is in careful and attentive hands.

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Increased Return on Ad Spend

We obsess over the returns you attain and don’t just spend for the sake of spending. We will establish ROAS goals with you and strive to maintain them.

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Marketing Expertise

Our team has experience in all domains of digital marketing. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. You can trust that we know our stuff.

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Boosted CRO

We understand the process of optimizing your site or landing page experience and actively work towards interpreting visitor behavior to get quality conversions.

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Sales Funnel Construction

We lay the essential framework to help define, analyze, and follow the different stages buyers will pass through during the customer life cycle.

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HyperBloom Mindset

We aim to feel like a partner, not a third-party. We want to work with you, in every sense of the phrase. We care about your brand, and will treat it as our own.


HyperBloom is a digital marketing and advertising agency based in the Silicon Slopes of Utah.

We specialize in paid media, from social to search, with a focus on eCommerce. We are experts in Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

However, we ditched the typical agency method. We invented the anti-agency.

With HyperBloom, you experience swift progress, valuable insights, and data-driven results. Receive more touch points and clear communication. Reach your customers and disrupt the market. We focus on developing comprehensive marketing tactics, nurturing prospects through the funnel, and delivering powerful solutions in order to drive success.

The name HyperBloom is derived from our relentless dedication to exponential growth.

Since 2016, we have given our blood, sweat, and tears to help our clients achieve new heights. Our diligence knows no bounds and our commitment is dependable. We pull out all the stops using our strategic, creative, and disruptive marketing skills to build strong brands.

From sprouting startups to large-scale companies, we have worked with numerous organizations across all industries nationwide. We have established steady and sincere partnerships with flourishing businesses and strong brands alike.


Logan England (Owner & Founder)

Logan England

Owner & Founder

Liz Reiss (Account Director, HyperBloom)

Liz Reiss

Account Director

Riley Carlson (Account Manager, HyperBloom)

Riley Carlson

Account Manager

Blaire Chisholm

Account Manager


To find out if HyperBloom is a good fit, and more about our services & pricing, contact us below.